Why Bloggers Are Better Advertisers

September 25, 2018
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September 25, 2018 Kate Neale

Why Bloggers Are Better Advertisers

The inverse relationship between advertisers paying to reach an audience and bloggers being paid to reach them can be observed in numerous ways, but overall it demonstrates a dichotomy of thinking in how to reach a target audience.

While many advertisers continue to chase audience with full service agencies, media buys calculated on digital impressions, traditional audience metrics or other versions of strategic ad placement, Australia’s top blogger Tammy Hembrow (fitness blogger and YouTuber) courts 8.7 million followers, with considerably less support!

The second top blogger is Jessica Stein (photographer and lifestyle blogger) pleases 2.6 million followers. A cursory review of their most loved posts indicates people are keen to import the slice of life they covet, even if vicariously. Tammy’s pics of her babies being cute or her body in provocative poses suggests an audience polarised by their interests, while Jessica’s posts with husband and baby generally rate the highest, suggesting romance and family is highly prized by her followers.

The difference here is that these bloggers know how to attract an audience that wants what they’re offering and the audience chooses to follow the content they create. That’s diametrically opposed to the way some advertisers are trying to reach their audiences.

“YouTube stars treat their target audience as friends who are simply having a conversation that is authentic, exciting, and perhaps even a little silly. There’s a lot to be learned from that for brands.” (What YouTube Stars Teach Us About Millenials And Long Form Content)

Bloggers make better advertisers because they know that people tune in when the content provided is relevant and valuable to them. To amass those types of audience numbers means they know where to find their audience and it means they know what their audience wants. To keep and sustain that kind of interest, they maintain a steady, rewarding diet of content that their followers enjoy and value.

It’s just further proof that more advertisers need to seriously consider what their target audience wants in terms of content, dialogue and interaction with their brand, so they can deliver it seamlessly through commercial entertainment.

Commercial entertainment is content created by advertisers strategically designed and created to bring something of value to their target audience. Digital is not a strategy, it’s a medium, so the content might be delivered in person at an event, at POS in retail, through social media, via OTT or CTV or some another of the advertisers ever increasing options. But the target always determines the advertisers choices.

Understanding the marketing objectives of an advertiser, the logistical considerations of production and the creative talent to develop content strategically is a rare skill in growing demand. Wanted applies this talent to create commercial content.

It might be something as simple as an active Instagram page or something more compelling and effective like a series, short form content or even a feature film, but it resonates with the brand’s audience because it’s designed to satisfy a need they have.

Bloggers do this because they understand their content is filling a need that people are looking to have served. Not too many of us are out there looking for advertisements.

Original inspiration: https://www.thedrum.com/news/2018/08/24/hulu-roku-look-grow-ad-revenue-2022-hurdles-continue-stifle-programmatic-growth

Further great observations on this topic at: https://www.thedrum.com/opinion/2018/09/25/what-youtube-stars-teach-us-about-millennials-and-long-form-content

Thanks to Andrew Neel and Unsplash for the image.

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