When Is It Good To Be An Outlaw?

February 18, 2019
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February 18, 2019 Kate Neale

When Is It Good To Be An Outlaw?

When Is It Good To Be An Outlaw?

ANSWER: When you’re wanted for not being constrained by the established rules or practices of any group, freeing you to innovate, create new ideas and foster ingenuity. In that respect, I’m an outlaw and it’s this type of strategic, analytical, instinctive and creative thinking that makes me Wanted.

By their very nature rules constrain change and innovation. One of the things I like best about my work is that every client, every project comes to me with a unique proposition to be validated and heralded to those they are born to serve.

This is the era to be authentic, to find your unique value and encapsulate it in storytelling that captures the imagination and commitment of your target audience. What story do you want to tell? Remember: “Be yourself, nobody can ever tell you you’re doing it the wrong way” or this: “be yourself, everyone else is already taken”.

I love working with the founders and CEO’s of innovative start-ups or existing businesses proactively adapting to change because I know these people are not resistant to change – they’re driving it!

When a visionary with the power to drive change, works with a strategic, creative communicator with the power to affect change in the way people behave, that’s a compelling and rewarding combination.

I don’t break the law, but I do break the rules – the rules that say it must be done as it always has been; the rules that say it can’t be done and any other rule that blocks a path to what could be, should be. Finding that path is the challenge and satisfying part of every creative enterprise.

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