What I Can Tell You That Digital Data Doesn’t

October 18, 2017
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October 18, 2017 Kate Neale

What I Can Tell You That Digital Data Doesn’t

What can you observe in the real world that you can’t see in the data?

What can you observe in the real world that you can’t see in the data?

Data can provide great insights to historical behaviour and market trends, but it’s the insight wisdom affords and astute intuition that fosters innovation. A business needs more than a ‘digital strategy’ to adequately prepare for the human factor the enterprise depends upon, it needs an intimate knowledge and more importantly understanding of the target consumer.

We know the tools of technology are invaluable and digital marketing can be extremely efficient, but if you know what to look for and how to accurately interpret what you find, observations made in the real world can be as good or better in determining critical touch points and triggers.

For example when faced with the need to attract sponsors for the inaugural Indy Car Grand Prix, I had to come up with something the Formula 1 couldn’t or wouldn’t. In talking with the Indy drivers I recognised they were keen to have an Australian experience and this paired well with the fact potential sponsors wanted to rub shoulders with the drivers.

The drivers in Formula 1 teams at the time were not predisposed to socialising with the sponsors, so I arranged a small dinner. No media, which allowed the Indy people to truly relax at 12 tables of 10, which paired four drivers and/or team management,  with four potential sponsors and two Indy staff (to learn how sponsor courtship was done).

The result was a resounding success and competitive advantage by producing a genuine introduction to Australia through an event enjoyed by both sides of the commercial divide. The event actually created an enduring bond between the people from the race teams and the decision makers in local potential sponsors that endured across the miles for years.

Effective marketing requires any strategy, digital or otherwise, be informed with commercial acumen, a depth of experience across different geographic and social terrains AND a gift for talented, creative marketing to ultimately enhance the value of what digital data is exposing.

Improve the value of your data with real world observations of your customers, your competitors, topical relevant media discussion or independent expert commentary when forming your analysis and view of the market and its needs.

This type of market evaluation can be EXTREMELY cost effective, however observing such intel, discerning the key points of interest or relevance and pairing it with data to translate the information into a useful strategy, is not everyone’s strong point.

When you need correlate data intelligence with an understanding of the real world environment your publics are operating in so you can infiltrate it to best effect, that’s something Wanted can help you with.

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