As the principal and driving force of Wanted Consulting, I work with executive management to deliver impact through strategic marketing and creative tactical initiatives. I manage content production services to deliver commercial entertainment, marketing content and impact campaigns.

For those disrupting the market or adapting to it, I provide clarity, discern direction and maximise the value of resources. I’m wanted for the commercial acumen and creative talent I’ve cultivated traversing the financial services, media and entertainment industries.

The financial services sector taught me how business operates, what makes markets move and what it means to be compliant, so my strategies are anchored in a thorough understanding of business dynamics. The media and entertainment sector taught me how to create to penetrate, distribute and monetise a message.

Leaders know the challenge of knowing what to do next, is greater than knowing how to do it. That challenge is more difficult for those pioneering change, driving innovation and challenging the status quo.

I offer game changers a refreshing candor afforded by a career spent at the forefront of change, driven by advancing technology and creative ingenuity that’s indispensable in creating marketing that will compel awareness, create desire and change behaviour.

Kate Neale

Kate Neale

Consulting Marketing Director & Executive Producer View Details
Kate Neale

Kate Neale

Consulting Marketing Director & Executive Producer

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