The Entertainment Industry Needs A Covid Solution – That’s Why I Post About It

December 6, 2021
December 6, 2021 Kate Neale

The Entertainment Industry Needs A Covid Solution – That’s Why I Post About It

Covid has disrupted the entertainment industry on many fronts, we need a better solution to MRNA vaccines.

Covid has drastically impacted financing of film and television production, with the added costs of Covid compliance and the constant threat of being shut down in production, it has affected what gets produced and how with an obvious flow-on effect to production budgets and scheduling. This industry, and every other, need a more effective, reliable, and long-term solution so we can all get back to life and business with a degree of safety and certainty.

That’s why my LinkedIn feed recently has featured a lot of information regarding Covid 19 vaccines because there appears to be an effective solution to the Covid virus, that would free not just the entertainment industry from its clutches, but everyone, and everything else. Worldwide everyone wants to get back to life as normal, but that won’t happen while we are forced to rely on ineffective mRNA vaccines.

My comments and participation in particular have been in support of the healthier protein-based Covax19 vaccine. This vaccine has been developed in Australia and is currently in use in Iran under then name Spikogen, to great effect, and without the reported associated ill effects of the mRNA alternatives. The Covax19 vaccine doesn’t just lower the impact of the virus on you biologically, it also stops you from getting the virus and passing it on, unlike the mRNA alternatives. Better still, it’s not an experimental new DNA changing experimental vaccine, it’s based on the traditional vaccine methods we’ve been using for decades, making it considerably less risky.

I post to raise awareness of the Covax19  alternative and to garner support for it because for reasons known only to itself, the Australian government seems determined to ignore the existence and potential of the Covax 19 vaccine. This is a bizarre position to take, given that it’s Australian-made and Australia could export to the world an effective solution to the disruption and devastation caused by the Covid 19 virus. Go figure?

In response to the government’s belligerent insistence at forcing the experimental drugs on Australian citizens under mandates, while ignoring this home-grown healthier alternative, support for Covax19 is being sought by crowdfunding with a GoFundMe campaign, which has so far raised in excess of A$700,000, but we need to get to $1 million, so I’m asking everyone to investigate this alternative for themselves and donate so that we can get this solution approved and sent out into the world. Remember your donation could be twice as much if your currency is stronger against the A$ 🙂

The difficulty here in Australia is that so many citizens have been injected, too many have a cognitive bias that is deterring them from learning about this alternative, preferring to label anyone rejecting the mRNA injections as illegitimate ‘anti-vaxxers’, while they blindly subscribe to the prescribed narrative which is being shamelessly propagated by mainstream media, feeding off the government.

However many citizens who have been coerced and mandated to take the injections, without informed consent, against their will and under threat of losing their job, university position, or ability to compete or participate in their chosen sport, are beginning to question the ‘authorities’ directives more virulently.

Increasingly validated information about the damaging effects of the mRNA injections are surfacing, and still, the ‘authorities’ instruct us to get the jab AND have regular boosters every few months.

It’s not just the business side of things that’s turned on its head, Australia today is unrecognisable in its response to the virus and the restrictions and penalties it’s forcing upon its citizens. Mandatory digital check-in at all retail and public access businesses. Segregation of the non-compliant un-injected ‘control group’ the government doesn’t seem to want, is being encouraged. Forced incarceration is being enforced on people who don’t even have the virus, but have been in contact with someone who has.

So I ask that you search Professor Nikolai Petrovski to validate his credentials, then read or listen to any of his interviews to get an authoritative insight into the facts about the Covid vaccine alternatives. Share this post, then please go to the GoFundMe campaign and donate so we can all get back to making content, traveling, celebrating, shopping, dating, LIVING a normal life – with your help. Donating is something you can do to really make a difference and end this pandemic.

Professor Nikolai Petrovski, Vaxine Pty Lt, Flinders University, Sth Australia



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