Is ‘Real Intelligence’ Still In Demand?

July 13, 2017
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July 13, 2017 Kate

Is ‘Real Intelligence’ Still In Demand?

Is ‘Real Intelligence’ Still In Demand?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is automating so many manual tasks, people are beginning to think technology is the Terminator.

Robots have been replacing humans in manufacturing jobs for years and by the time I get to aged care, I’m actually more likely to be cared for by a robot than a human, in some ways that could be a good thing. Who needs a surly orderly bringing their attitude to the litany of misery that ageing visits upon us?

Drones are replacing delivery drivers, driver-less cars are replacing taxis and Uber drivers and many jobs and tasks that facilitate process are being transferred to countries where costs are significantly lower, or AI. People are becoming redundant to process and menial labour and at this rate we have to ask what will be left for us to do ourselves?

There’s quite a few things left for us to do actually but my favourite answer to this question is ‘Content Creation’. From the creative idea, to determining how its executed, including the dialogue, environment, as ethics and then actually bringing it all together to deliver entertaining, informative, valued content, is something that ultimately can only be assisted and enhanced by technology, but not fully executed without real human intelligence.

Capturing the play of light just right to deliver beauty. Finding and compressing the humour in the mundane to help us find and enjoy the funny side of life. Arranging rhythm and melody like never before or bringing an original vision to reality on film, the drawing board or a canvas.

The which humans create is celebrated because as humans, we have the unique ability among creatures to create and appreciate art.

We can harness AI to do repetitive processes for us, or scour reams of data to find patterns and signals, and in the foreseeable future tend to physical tasks we’d rather not. But until AI has spirit, soul and the unique ability to create that humanity affords, the creation of great content will be a safe – and increasingly expensive zone of occupation.

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