This simple sign is perhaps the purest and quite possibly the most succinct reminder that regardless of whatever business we’re in, we’re all in the business of marketing for sales.

Conglomerate, SME, sole trader or individual, you are one of millions of sellers, competing on billions of products, across thousands of global
marketplaces and retail sites. Knowing your business and product is a good start, but securing sales will require a depth of knowledge that transcends your area of product or service expertise.

The convergence of marketing, media and technology, has made marketing your business a lot more complex than simple signage. You’ll need to know commercial trade dynamics, the workings of ecommerce platforms, the ramifications of international license and distribution agreements, marketing in international language and currencies and few little things that denote profitability such as COGs.

So hooking up a slick digital campaign or being besties with a successful influencer is only going get you so far. You’ll need to understand marketing strategy from a much broader perspective and how to apply it strategically to best serve your business and marketplace. Then you’ll need to understand the associated tactical applications across multiple media, advertising and promotion alternatives.

Discerning your compelling value proposition, understanding market dynamics, identifying the best tactics within your resources will put you back in control and provide a sound basis for business growth.

When you need answers to questions about marketing your business, a personal consultation or a workshop tailored to address your specific marketing needs can be the answer. Call on Wanted’s broad business and marketing expertise to give you the guidance you need and access to the skills of experienced business leaders and executive management.

Contact Kate to discuss your needs.

A Selection of Previous Consulting Assignments:


  • ASX IPO for Cape Range Limited introducing Biztrak – including marketing materials, CEO digital investor  presentation, website and listing event.




  • Foocaa Tech – A Chinese SaaS ERP and multi-function platform for PMC’s and their six million affluent Chinese resident property owners seeking Stage A investment from international HNW investors. Research, strategy, business preparation and creation of investor materials for  including – market research, scrutiny and due diligence report on Chinese industry sectors of PMC (Property Management Companies), community platforms and ecommerce market place (sales, export, import, competitor analysis and platform alternatives), prepare and pitch of Investor Memorandum and marketing materials for HNW investor presentations.



  • ASX IPO and launch of eStar Online Trading including – online trader market research, innovative IPO Prospectus incorporating CD, introduction of ground breaking online interactive broadcast PR and investor relations facility, TVC and print campaign creative and mulit media buy.




  • IPO for Sino Australia Oil & Gas Pty Ltd  – including due diligence report on EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery industry in China and globally), Investor Memorandum, ASX IPO Prospectus, all IPO marketing materials for HNW investor roadshow (including Intro One Pager, media presentation) website and listing event.


  • Evo Media (Evolution Media Group) – Business and marketing strategy workshop to identify company positioning and direction.



  • Due Diligence Report on US Bottled Water Industry for Japan Australia Venture Capital Fund and market research of retail bottled water consumption for Neverfail Bottled Water







  • AMI Members Marketing Education Sessions for AMI (Australian Marketing Institute)
  • PRIA Members Educational Breakfast Briefing Sessions for Public Relations Institute Australia



  • Securing sponsorship for World Masters of Business Event for Sales Pursuit Results








  • Producing a Marketing Education Course for primary producers for Qld Primary Industries.