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May 8, 2020 Kate Neale

Upload This

Yay! New content coming soon! I’m rejoicing at the release of ‘Upload’ on Amazon Prime because, well new serial shows too rarely deliver clever, innovative, thought provoking and original story lines, with characters living (? in the case of Upload) in unfamiliar (read unpredictable) circumstances.

This is a new content announcement: Creator Greg Daniels (The Office, King of the Hill, and Parks and Recreation) has been working on the show since the kernel of an idea came to mind in the late 1980’s, occasionally revisiting the concept and adding file notes until 2008 when the writers strike gave opportunity of more focus. Fast forward to 2014 when he fleshed out a pilot and pursued series production.

As it turned out, by that time a lot of the futuristic plot props and social trends had already come to pass in the real world, which if nothing else was helpful in substantiating his vision. It seems a somewhat complex proposition in the trailer but it’s the originality of the premise of the show that I find most attractive. At a time where “innovative” is thrown around with scant regard for appropriateness, this show is entitled to the adjective.

New shows have a tendency to follow proven formulas, that’s why it took Desperate Housewives over seven years to get the greenlight. Pushed on by the creator and a few enthusiastic producers, the show repeatedly met with resistance because the autocracy back then couldn’t pidgeon hole its dark comedy. Handmaids Tale, though not to my taste, is another off beat success, but more often than not new content tends to have a criminal or medical theme – new city, new actors but generally the same characters and plot line and their details explored.

It’s not easy to pull all the elements together that make HitTV, but this one seems to have the fuel and as a subscription tempter, it will likely perform very well too! The timing is ripe to launch new ‘sticky’ shows when the audience is lock down looking for the new and fresh. Aren’t they always…?

You can check out the concept and more details here in this article by Joe Berkowitz for Fast Company.

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