How To Use Social Singing In Marketing – Karaoke Anyone?

December 29, 2020
December 29, 2020 Kate Neale

How To Use Social Singing In Marketing – Karaoke Anyone?

Church choir, campfire, happy birthday or Karaoke, the neuroscience of singing confirms singing allows us to access our natural creativity by engaging the right temporal lobe of our brain. So if you’re a marketer trying to find a creative solution to a challenge, give the analytical left-hand side of the brain a break and take some time out to have a hearty sing along with friends (Karaoke anyone…?).

The right side of our brain is responsible for intuition, imagination and all our creative functions. Singing leads to the release of endorphins that can make us healthier, happier, smarter and more creative, but singing with other people or in a group enhances this effect.

When British electronic brand Alba reached out to Dutch neurologist Dr Jacob Jolic to detertmine which songs were the most mood-boosting. Dr Jolic recognised that music was subjective so he began his research be asking the public to submit their favourite tunes, then he analysed those songs to find similarities. He found that the happiest tunes are slightly faster than your average song (between 140 and 150 beats per minute on average), written in a major key, and either about happy events or complete nonsense. Jolic combined these factors into a formula for the happiest song possible and then went searching for existing hits that matched his template (see Dr Jolic’s list on Spotify of the 10 happiest songs ever below…

How Does Singing Fit With Marketing?

After 2020 we could all use an easy hack to feeling good and getting connected to our creativity. As you read this article, you might consider incorporating singing into a campaign that might foster community, connectivity or engagement with your target people.

The effects of isolation during the pandemic is evidence enough that people love to congregate and they love entertainment. We’re no reinventing the wheel here, but it’s nice to have science reinforce great creative. When you can pair the two around your product, it seems science confirms you can generate positive vibes around your product.

MOJO was onto it when they created catchy, happy jingles that are etched in the mind of the audience of the time – we were singing the praises of commercial products, bonding with them and feeling good as we sang their jingles. ‘Come on Aussie come on‘ and ‘you ought to be congratulated‘ are just a couple of their great examples of positive brand reinforcement through our singing their praises!

‘Getting The Band Back Together…’

Group singing is the most uplifting and transformational kind, explaining why all those bands get back together!

Next time you’re roped into Karaoke embrace it because singing is therapeutic, reducing cortisol levels while releasing endorphins and oxytocin. Karaoke is often paired with alcohol, but it’s actually the singing that’s both invigorating and the perfect tranquiliser. It has a calming effect of soothing your nerves to relieve anxiety and stress, while it simultaneously energises and elevates your spirit.

Social singing in marketingWhether in tune or not, singing increases self-awareness, it can improve self-confidence and our ability to communicate with others. Numerous studies show that singing together in a communal setting, fosters a sense of belonging, loyalty, trust and bonding, so much so it can even synchronise heartbeats! It was the conceptual backbone of the We Are The World Christmas song.

Find Your Voice

Communities have been singing together as a way of bonding for centuries. But modern society’s judgemental nature has tempered our willingness to express our singing voice. Our destructive criticism silences us. But singing is not the preserve of the vocally gifted and professionals worthy of producers, management and ticket selling events.

Karaoke is not the only platform to sing out loud and proud. If you can talk you can sing, so sing as often the opportunity befits. Use singing to tap into your creative juices, expand your community and sense of connection, ideally with a group. Begin by exploring Creativity Australia and their With One Voice project, which brings all kinds of people together regularly to sing.

New Years Eve 2020

As we charge ahead to a new year, watching the fireworks at home or in small gatherings outdoors, bring some real therapeutic value to your event with hearty sing-alongs. There seems no better way to lift the spirits and imbibe contentedness in our soul than by breaking into song together.

Karaoke, Disco Bingo or if you’re lucky enough, sing along with the band. But sing out loud and proud to welcome in the New Year!

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