Join The Dots To Get With The Program

June 29, 2017
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Join The Dots To Get With The Program

Join The Dots To Get With The Program
How AI is managing custom content and pairing it efficiently to maximise value and effect.

Broadly speaking, for advertisers and content creators alike, the process of managing and distributing their content is being streamlined and automated, providing efficient storage and content selection to seamlessly marry to an audience where their content is in demand.

As advertisers increasingly seek to fund, create and own content of all types to feed their social and branding agendas, Artificial Intelligence is playing a key role in determining how that content is found and paired to the relevant target audience.

Companies like currently use AI to scan millions of news topics in real time to pair news items with relevant video content from the existing catalogues of broadcasters and publishes, while autonomously inserting pre and in-roll advertising. This simultaneously allows content catalogues to expand the reach of the content already produced directly to interested parties, while further monetising the content. is a digital asset management facility for media acquisition, review, approval, delivery, distribution, storage and search and retrieval. The platform is designed around a CRM and CDN that integrates their own versions of Flickr, Vimeo and Dropbox – all in one place.

Both services mirror a process that in effect is similar to google pairing advertising with the interests of searchers, but these facilities provide an independent library service and can distribute a broad variety of content alternatives.

For example a real estate company who produces showcase videos of their listings, can use a service like Showcache to store and manage their library, while oovvuu could pair property relevant news articles to their content library and place the content directly in front of an pre-determined audience with a demonstrated interest in the topic.

While it’s early days for these businesses that dictate higher entry costs thereby in some cases limiting access to some of these services to marketers of larger organisations (with stronger marketing budgets), scale will likely allow access to the broader commercial community.

The point is marketers can already join the digital dots to get programmatic content where it needs to go, without having to use the global conglomerate search and social distribution outlets.


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