When Did Your Business Become A Production Company?

January 24, 2019
January 24, 2019 Kate Neale

When Did Your Business Become A Production Company?

The answer is probably not some time around the late 90’s, when SEO took hold. Nor was it in September 2006 when Facebook opened to everyone aged 13 and older with a valid e-mail address. You weren’t a production company back then because production skills and equipment was a specialised field, content was rendered in real time and Internet delivery capabilities constrained video content.

Fast-forward to 2019 and whatever your business, your marketing efforts will be directed in the direction of creating, producing and publishing content.

So now you’re in the business of ‘whatever your business does’ AND you’re in the business of marketing and production! That’s a lot of skills and commercial experience your need to know what to produce, how to produce it and where to put it?

The challenge I hear and see everywhere is ‘with such a crowded, noisy market, how do I get seen and heard?” But the better question to ask is “Who and where are my target market and what do they need to see and hear so they buy?”

When you intimately know your target market, you can VALIDATE, create and introduce a product or service that they have a genuine need or desire for. You must know your target market so well, that you know what their interests, their values and importantly what their challenges (read motivations) are.

This knowledge doesn’t just inform everything about your product, as well as how and what you communicate about it, it helps you identify where the opportunity is to design strategic initiatives that give you cut through, drive desire and capture commitment.

Only when you know all about your target consumer and think from their perspective, will you understand how what you’re offering uniquely fits into their world and how choosing it will make their life better. That’s called distilling your unique value proposition.

Take the example of a well respected and awarded NFP that’s desperate to attract financial support, but not getting traction. They need to validate their cause less and validate their value to the prospect more.

They need to find out how to make their cause relevant and valuable to their prospect – how is their cause relevant to the prospects marketplace, what do they have that is of value to the prospect eg. Reputation, cause alignment, data base, location, events, access to PR? The NFP is not in a fight for a donation, they’re fighting to prove relevance and value to the SPECIFIC commercial partner they’re approaching.

There are a lot of people and businesses generating a LOT of content out there, much of it misplaced or overlooked because it’s off point ie. The target isn’t tuning in because the content isn’t relevant, valued or in the right place.

Commercial entertainment and marketing content is content created with a commercial agenda and consumer appeal – and it doesn’t always have to be in the digital realm. In fact as the digital zone becomes more flooded, I find the real world environment holds increasing appeal!

It’s not about the quality of your production; it’s about the quality of your content, the value it delivers and how well it resonates with your end audience. Entertaining, informative or endearing, your content needs to be commercially directed and consumer driven.

So this year as you contemplate your marketing activities and the content you’ll create, hold the consumers perspective ever present, think outside the saturated channels and contemplate what your customer is thinking, feeling, needing that you can use to infiltrate their world.

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