Innovation And Wisdom Bridge The Content Divide

June 3, 2018
June 3, 2018 Kate Neale

Innovation And Wisdom Bridge The Content Divide

Change your mind. That’s what good marketing does. It changes your mind to try or do something new or different to how you’ve always done it and it’s never been harder to navigate the multitude of choices and dynamic change that marketers and content creators face today. Which is why Wanted Consulting is a very handy resource to marketers and producers.

If you monitor and understand the depth and complexities of the content, media and technology landscape, you’ll appreciate the dynamic and complex skill-set required to connecting all these elements. It’s a divide that can only be bridged by innovative technology, a deep level of experience in formerly siloed expertise that’s now interconnected, vision and talent.

There’s a techtonic shift occurring throughout the media and entertainment landscape and its happening at break neck speed. Marketing is a craft that’s in a constant state of flux and dynamic change reeling from the influences technology driven change – changes in consumer behaviour, content creation and distribution and the advertisers constant battle to keep up with it all.

Amateurs creating free ads for Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Ad Campaign, while car company pays $5 million for advertisement to be produced. Impromptu performance by Walmart yodeller goes viral driving priceless PR, while Influencers are paid thousands to court consumer goodwill. Advertisers sticking to the expensive traditional advertisements while Influencers are paid to court audiences who volunteer to follow them. Audiences complain of format fatigue while only 25% of new content is bought and 5,000 new content buyers enter the market each year. Actors experience burn out as production attempts to keep pace with the consumption and demand of successful content.

Content – video, mobile, digital, programmatic, OTT or influencer driven, I could go on – and on because our marketing and media environment offers infinite choices. But in simple terms it’s audience, technology driven innovation and great creative that drives marketing success today.

Audience – As is being increasingly appreciated, understanding an audience to a point where you can inspire a desired response requires far more than the insights offered by statistical data. You need marketing expertise that can draw upon experience and understanding of not just the human condition, but the world we live in, as this most importantly provides context to behaviour.

You could call this wisdom, which generally speaking takes time to accumulate for best practice application and it’s crucial in the practice of motivating a consumer to engage and become a customer. By comparison, understanding the value proposition of a product or service, regardless of the manner in which it’s provided, is simple.

Technology driven innovation is disrupting every single element of the content conundrum, from what gets created by whom, to how it’s created, distributed and most importantly monetised. The speed of innovation challenges the decision makers understanding of market forces such as consumer adaptation, competitor advantage and the risks of pioneering!

The choice of content and media solution will always be uncompromisingly audience needs driven, purely because it is the audience that has supreme discretion over how they choose to spend their time and what they choose to consume. Knowledge of media options is important, but understanding the consumer is more important and that’s not necessarily in the scope of a digital whizz kid.

Consumers long ago stopped tolerating interruptions to their content experience, to the point that interrupting a toddlers screen experience with ‘advertising’ is likely to illicit profound protest because they’re just not conditioned to accept unwanted intrusion.

The fact is great content is not only gulped down, it’s demanded, shared and highly valued.

Great Creative – News Flash: Great talent and creativity is not the preserve of the wealthy, big business or big agencies. When Stanford University began their online courses, they discovered the smartest people in the room – weren’t in the room. The Walmart yodeller that went viral was the not the invent of any clever agency and Doritos Crash the Superbowl ad campaign is evidence enough of latent talent.

Advertisers and brand managers know they don’t need effective ‘advertising’, they need to deploy content that’s effective at engaging their target customer and inspiring them to buy.

They’re increasingly commissioning content because they know they want to own the content and interaction with the customer, rather than own the interruption to a customer’s experience.

But like the rest of us they live in a day with finite hours and resources, and their first priority is to know their product and the requirements of their market, and this alone could consume their entire day.

They’re looking for great new ideas that use technology to benefit scale, cost and efficiency knowing how to get the creative, production, placement and reporting done to best effect is less certain.

When you need someone bridge the divide between the desire to have great content and the realities of creating it, Wanted’s marketing concierge services provide the ideal solution.

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