How Creativity Captures Customers.

November 15, 2019
November 15, 2019 Kate Neale

How Creativity Captures Customers.

Ever noticed how the break out shows and new hits emerge into being – seemingly out of nowhere and then become a part of our life we didn’t know we needed? That’s creative consensus and timing at work.

Certainly we all have our proclivities established over time, favourite movies, TV shows or genre of interest, but our inquisitive nature as humans leaves us ever open to the new, in the hope we discover more of what we like. When humans find something they like, their inclination is to voraciously consume and enthusiastically share it with their tribe.

This principle alone is what drives clicks, posts that go viral, the influence of influencers, binge watching and movies/shows/formats that outperform any before them of the same genre, in the same time-slot or digital domain. But for the next best new thing to emerge, someone has to have the idea, the vision and the talent, combined with the tenacity, conviction, courage and ability to bring it into being BEFORE it’s a known desire.

The black comedy Desperate Housewives series took seven years to be picked up because no one with the capacity to action it could ‘pigeon hole’ it into the known categories at the time!

Art that resonates at scale, especially recorded art such as music, film, TV and video, is the result of someone wanting to express emotion and/or tell a real or imagined story and then bringing together the right combination of skill and talent to bring their ‘expression’ to life. This skill can also be reverse engineered to bring the emotional value of a brand to light in the form of content.

A ‘hit’ is created when art strikes a chord of relevance or evokes strong emotion with the broader humanity or collection of liked minded people. For advertisers, if they can tie their product to a creative expression that demonstrates the values and personality of a brand, that are shared by or resonate with their target people, a deep and profound connection can be created between brand and consumer.

The Heineken Worlds Apart 2017 episode of their Open Your World campaign, is such a great example of what we should at least be striving for. I love it because it seamlessly weaves an innate product value proposition into emotive, impactful storytelling. A simple concept with psychological complexity, with global audience appeal. We just don’t see enough of that.

Storytelling is a feature of humanity that is as old as mankind. Stories have been used to pass wisdom and moral guidance to the next generation told around campfires, in women’s groups and through fairy tales and fables. The new can sometimes therefore be found in telling the old stories in a new way for a new generation, in a new era, think Women Who Run With Wolves or the classic reimagined Marvel comic stories.

In the current era brands viewed through the prism of joy, fun, faith, hope, connection, acceptance, empathy, love and redemption through stories authentically delivered, are finding their messages are well received and they’re enjoying the emotional connection the stories create.

It seems the Kardashian style of conspicuous consumption, ‘sex sells’, narcissistic, ego driven motivations that advertising has so readily embraced previously, is giving way to more meaningful aspirations, even spiritual connection to build relationship with people.

The Lion’s Share Fund is another great example of empathetic creative, initiated by Rob Galluzzo from Finch and Christopher Nelius.  Advertisers who use wild animals in their advertising donate a small portion of their advertising spend to the fund, which is dedicated to wildlife preservation. If wild animals have a place in the advertisers message, so does the message they care about wild animals.

Creativity in marketing initiatives and tactics doesn’t have to be confined to the recorded content zone. Empathetic relationships can be built on the smallest, yet original ideas put in motion. For example Lufthansa placing tissues where passengers say goodbye and printers at arrival gates for welcoming messages to be printed. Simple but effective on a deep psychological level.

The simple premise of their emotional connection to customer had a more complex execution on line, using AI to ask intriguing questions to prompt thoughts in visitors to the Weather Channel. Their answers ultimately lead them to their booking site which provided options relevant to their responses.

Digital cleverness, data, neuroscience and big budgets can certainly add to your understanding and alternatives, but marketing doesn’t necessarily require those things to be effective. What it does need is big imagination, a profound knowledge of the people you want to affect and the instinctive vision to know what will work.

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