October 14, 2020
October 14, 2020 Kate

When A Post SHOULD GoViral

No I didn’t skip a space in my headline. I’m purposefully exposing the new online game GoViral which is designed to educate people on how misinformation is manufactured and distributed through, to and by humans, to our detriment. Play the GoViral game here or read the full article from Fast Company on GoViral.

“A five-minute game designed by the University of Cambridge’s Social Decision-Making Lab, aims to help users understand how conspiracy theories emerge and gain adherents. The game, whose three levels lead players through the process used to spread misinformation, is said to have reduced people’s belief in false content by 21% when compared with a control group.” Fast Company – Game Teaches Players How To Spot Online Disinformation Oct 13, 2020

GoVital game educates on how disinformation is made and shared onlineAs the world observes the US election campaign, this is timely education. As anti-vaxers and covid conspirators peddle misinformation, some mind-boggling just for being premised on such ludicrous theories, this is a timely attempt to make this game go viral to educate how the Internet medium is exploited to peddle harmful disinformation.

An example might be a FB post interviewing an hi-profile doctor pronouncing not a but THE Covid vaccine is going to infect us with nano cells that 5G antennas will control us through – I kid you not, yes, this example actually exists…!

The Fast Company article covers it sufficiently that I don’t need to repeat it here. Check it out, play the GoViral game and ‘spread’ the REAL news.

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