From Pigeon Post to Opinion Post – News Makes Markets Move

November 23, 2017
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November 23, 2017 Kate Neale

From Pigeon Post to Opinion Post – News Makes Markets Move

By Pigeon Or Opinion – News Makes Markets Move

In the mid 19th century Paul Julius Reuter, recognised a swifter means of sending information such as stock and commodity prices between Paris and Berlin was urgently needed. Reuters founded his own news agency in Aachen, transferring messages between Brussels and Aachen using carrier pigeons and thus linking Berlin and Paris.

Faster than the post train, pigeons gave Reuter the advantage of quicker access to financial news from the Paris stock exchange. Today the opinions posted on socials by experts, influencers, activists and the public transit news to the masses faster than light and certainly faster than a pigeon!

For a business or brand, the speed of transition from ‘rooster to feather duster’ can largely be attributed to the consumers ability to immediately share experiences that recommend or denounce it. The power of this force is evidenced by the demise of ‘invincible’ behemoth brands that were built over decades, being displaced by brands that have been built large comparatively overnight.

The bulk of consumers don’t just expect authenticity and satisfaction in their experience with a product or business – they demand it. This means getting everything right in the consumer experience has never been more important.

This is a trait particularly prevalent in the emerging generations who have a more profound reliance on a digital existence. This phenomenon is especially prevalent in China, but it’s a social trend that provides great opportunity and peril.

The opportunity exists in the ability to bolster cash flow by garnering large sales volume in a short time. The peril lies in failing the customer satisfaction test because everything was prepared in advance of market launch ie. adequate stock supply, server capacity, payment facilities, customer support etc.

As the saying goes “the devil is in the detail” and it’s difficult to plan for unanticipated demands. This is a great example of where experience can triumph where the tools of technology alone cannot.

Successful planning of the many logistical needs of bringing a product or service to market will depend on your ability to foresee what is required and be prepared in advance. Such things should not be learned in hindsight.

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