“Do Not Squander Time, It Is The Stuff Life Is Made Of”

May 11, 2017
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May 11, 2017 Kate

“Do Not Squander Time, It Is The Stuff Life Is Made Of”

Do Not Squader Time, It Is The Stuff Life Is Made Of”
How time spent living vicariously can affect the real world.

FB, twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest etc. Are they tools or traps? They’re certainly very useful for the sharing of information and experience, but when overindulged, they can preclude the user from actually participating in real time in their own physical world. This can be a hugely disruptive influence – especially in terms of productivity.

The world is in a state of transition on all fronts, so some work places are open plan or work from wherever, with flexible work hours ie. just get the job done in your own time, while others still follow more conventional, less flexible structures.

Work place legislation, modern HR ideology and employee independence, create a tricky situation as social media tools are part of the work-day too. So how does the work place in the modern era balance the entitlement, autonomy and empowerment of the employee, with the responsibility for productivity employers own?

It leads me to wonder if and how employers could compliantly monitor, harness or curtail personal social media use during work hours to ensure employees are actually performing the tasks and duties they’re paid for, rather than using work time to check their socials, investigate honeymoon destinations and mortgage refinance options etc.?

Gone With The Wind’ tragics will recognise the title for this post from a sign in the movie, the message seemed poignant for the subject.

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