Digital – It’s A Medium, Not A Strategy

October 23, 2019
October 23, 2019 Kate Neale

Digital – It’s A Medium, Not A Strategy

Marketing in the digital medium is wonderful, very clever, can be extremely targeted, efficient and effective. Social listening can play a key role in fostering message, empowering Word Of Mouth and viral awareness.  Digital is a very attractive medium for advertisers given we spend on average six hours and 42 minutes online every day (The Digital Report 2019 – Hootsuite and We Are Social).

Half of that time is spent on mobile devices and according to eMarketer, Americans now spend more time staring at the very personal small screens in their pockets than the large ones in their living rooms.

And with the number of participants and suppliers servicing the digital media ever growing, it’s not hard to find validation of the notion to put all your marketing efforts into the digital zone.

Consider that in 2011 the Marketing Technology Landscape had just 150 participants:

In 2019 it has 7,040

While we do spend a good chunk of time in the day online for one reason or another, it strikes me that we humans spend three fold more time in the real world. A point that’s not gone unnoticed by advertisers, especially B2B advertisers, who are going a little retro, using real world advertising mediums like OOH. (Reference article of interest here)

It’s really just a practical response to the fact that the digital space is so flooded with content, be it UGC, commercial entertainment or marketing content, getting cut through can be extremely difficult. Enter the retro appeal of the humble bar coaster, toilet door poster, letter box drop, radio or broadcast television for that matter (now way more affordable)!

In fact those CMO’s who lead in launching products and brands (for companies US$10 million+ revenue) are nearly twice as likely to launch on three or more channels at once and the most successful deploy on an average of six — including digital social media like Twitter, display ads and paid search, and traditional print, direct mail, and public relations campaigns (Source: Study by Twitter & Bain & Company).

The digital medium is an impressive phenomenon and not one to be ignored as a medium, but it’s a medium not an exclusive strategy. I strongly doubt the tin can and string will make a huge come back, but I do suggest we think outside the screen for opportunities that are less crowded to interface with your target so they might be more receptive.

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