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Humankind has told stories throughout the ages to entertain and pass on wisdom, but the way we communicate is constantly evolving. Modern media has made storytelling the focal point of effective marketing. Now every business is in the business of creating content to tell its unique story. 

The content a business creates and publishes drives the perception, connection and emotional experience of the brand. It’s the critical link with customers and everyone the company is in relationship with, including shareholders, staff, suppliers, media and authorities. Content must be relevant, timely, and valued by customers.

Brand storytelling through creating and placing great content is more important, intricate and precarious than ever. Anyone can make content, but if it’s to deliver on commercial objectives, content needs to be driven by informed strategy and on point in the creative execution. Posting spontaneous or reactionary content on social media is not a strategy; it’s a considerable risk.

The content also needs to be distributed in the right channels at the right time to penetrate the mind and coincide with influences that affect decision-making. Audience response and engagements need to be measured, campaign initiatives reviewed, and the content strategy and production are an ongoing quest. The content also needs to be archived appropriately.

Being an expert on your brand and product doesn’t necessarily translate into being an expert content creator, any more than being a talented content creator makes someone an expert on a brand or the business behind it. Driving the commercial objectives requires intimate knowledge of the product and business. Driving the creative communication requires the skill to create the right something from an infinite array of choices – and to create that something right!

That’s why brand stewards and production houses turn to Wanted Consulting for the expertise required to be on top of all their specific needs –

  • Brands turn to Wanted for strategic and creative direction and a conduit to excellent production resources. 
  • Production houses turn to Wanted to ensure the commercial objectives are upheld through the creative process.

What’s Your Story?

A brand story begins with the ‘why of the want’ of the end customer. Why the product is useful, relevant, needed and wanted by the customer, the problem it solves, the pain it relieves, the pleasure it provides. This information invariably gives insight into the target customer’s profile and drives the connection between business and customer.

Everything that represents the brand is designed to convey an identity that can be instantly recognised as a good fit with the people that matter to the business. Brand storytelling is born in a name, a logo, perhaps a slogan and the visual design on the packaging. This is where a brand and the business behind it, begin to set it apart from all others and start to ‘relate’ to consumers. That’s just the beginning.

From this point the brand story will take form through the content it creates or is aligned to. Every brand is trying to resonate with its audience and beat its competitors for appeal. In a crowded marketplace of ubiquitous offerings, it’s often the purpose and values of the brand that influence the decision to purchase. 

When creating a content strategy, brand stewards navigating to meaningful engagement –

  • Are acutely aware of the brand values and how they align with the audience
  • Discern the product’s compelling value proposition for the target audience
  • Understand what is at the heart of the consumer’s motivation to purchase
  • Identify strategic actions that will influence opinion and behaviour to drive action

Get Contented – Bringing Brands And Audiences Together

Getting the word out has come a long way since smoke signals, carrier pigeons, the telegraph, radio and even television. The Internet and social media have spawned a revolution in communication and promotion, ensuring everyone has cut their teeth on creating and publishing content to some extent. 

This trend creates a tsunami of content hoping to connect with people, but all content is not created equal. There are many channels to explore in discerning the appropriate content strategy for a brand. The most valuable content is the stuff people seek out, engage with and share. That takes a range of skills and equipment to create, and Wanted has what it takes.

Social media is now ‘Sales media’, and these channels, flooded as they are with a global onslaught of content trying to reach us. How we use social media channels is changing in terms of where technology and a progressive consumer are driving marketing.

Technology and consumer behaviour have forged a new medium that’s reinventing the way brands, and consumers interact. That new medium is CTV (Connected Television) or OTT (Over The Top, ie. delivery of video content via a set-top device). Stay tuned because you’ll be surprised how relatively quickly social media, as you know it today, will be usurped by it.

Whether it’s our ideas or yours, Wanted brings them to fruition, collaborating with some of the best emerging new talent and the great seasoned and awarded campaigners. Wanted produces quality content that informs and entertains with gripping stories and imagery for distribution across any platform or medium to reach your target audience.

One Resource With All The Answers:

When you want to tell your story and spread the news, Wanted Consulting has the rare depth of skills and experience required to bridge the divide between the need for content to be created and getting the ideal content produced, distributed, monetised, and measured.

Wanted creates content that translates your commercial goals into content born of the best in strategy, creative, production and distribution.

We don’t stop there. Wanted can help you meet the need to evolve your content ongoing, store and archive your content, distribute, protect and monetise your content.

Wanted has the answers to these and many other pressing questions:

  • How can I meet my commercial objectives through content?
  • How can the latest technology help me create and manage my content efficiently?
  • What are the license and distribution considerations?
  • Is it possible to offset the expense or even make money from the content I create?
  • What is the balance sheet relevance and value of the content produced?
  • Where should I securely store and archive the library of content I’m creating?

Here are just a few examples of how Wanted can help with your brand storytelling and content:

  • Create an original format customised to your target and objectives eg. Create an engaging short-form series that captures your brand story, history, values, philanthropic initiatives.
  • Sponsor or license existing content for your own channel.
  • Feed your social media channels with fresh, relevant and valued content.
  • Monetise your content through license and distribution.
  • Subsidize and expand reach of your content as you collaborate with other channels, suppliers or productions.
  • Syndicate, propagate, proliferate your content in co-production and supplier collaboration.
  • Tailor the content created to the audience, medium, event or season.
  • Efficiently produce, archive and serve your content to best effect.
  • Deliver a scripted presentation to the camera that will truly affect the audience.

Current Brand Storytelling & Content Opportunities:

Shakespeare Republic

Opportunity: Patronage, sponsorship, branded entertainment opportunities offered for corporate and individual participation.

Created, adapted and directed by Australian actor, Sally McLean, the female-led and culturally diverse anthology short form TV series Shakespeare Republic is in its second season. The first series garnered extensive international critical acclaim and close to 100 international awards. In a series of short-form episodes, the series celebrates not just the world’s greatest playwright, but also his insightful understanding of the big issues of his time. Insights that still hold relevance today and form the basis for a truly diverse, inventive and epic journey into the nature of being human.

Contact Kate for more information.

This Story VeteransThis Story

Opportunity: This production has charity status and is produced through a crowdfunding initiative, seeking financial contribution from individuals and enterprise who seek a strong connection to a moving and poignant Australian production. Also urgently seeking veterans to capture their stories.

As the 75th Anniversary of the end of WWII approaches, This Story is a documentary film dedicated to capturing and preserving the significant moments of Australia’s history as told by those who experienced it first-hand, before they’re lost.

Lest We Forget!  These simple words are spoken at ANZAC Day Commemorations every year. But how do we ensure that as a nation, we don’t forget the sacrifices of these ordinary men and women whose actions and experiences were extraordinary? At the very core of these veteran interviews are central themes around the innate need for human connection and compassion

These are the personal stories of our veterans love, loss, fear, pain, adventure, mateship and life. Australian veterans who served during the following conflicts:

  • World War II (1939-1945)
  • Korean War (1950-1953)
  • Malayan Emergency (1950-1960)
  • Borneo Confrontation (1963-1966)
  • Vietnam War (1965-1973)

But don’t be fooled into thinking these are simply a collection of war stories, these are deeply personal and moving stories.  There is so much more to their tales. Behind the smiles and unique personalities are the stories that shaped their lives and the lives of their families.

Call Kate to explore the scope for your participation.

Brand storytelling through content creationHealing The Reef

Opportunity: A variety of sponsorship and participation in the production of the series are available in this 13 part factual television series by internationally renowned documentarians Lin Sutherland and Mike Middleton in partnership with OzFlix TV Australia.

Ideal for brands that want to link to apostiive environmental action, this series looks at the positive impact of greener lifestyle choices that are contributing to the restoration of the Great Barrier Reef and ensuring its future health.

Kate has hands on done it all from market research and analysis, strategic direction and creative execution, through to all kinds of production in every media. A pioneer in her own right, Kate has introduced innovation for clients in all industry sectors, especially media, entertainment and financial services.

For more information on how you can participate in this outstanding series opportunity, contact Wanted Consulting for the full introduction document.

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