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Tesla, the Falcon X space rocket and Elon Musk are great examples of what talent and tenacity can do for strategically driven, bold new ideas. Whether your rockets of desire are equally as grand or a little more down to earth, turn to Wanted for the clear, calculated strategy your ideas need to succeed.

You’re great at your product or service but not so savvy on how to ideally market your business. Is a digital or social media strategy the panacea to all your marketing considerations? Probably not. Digital is a tactical medium, not a strategy on its own.

Before you launch into your idea, here’s some of the big questions Wanted marketing consulting services can give answers to:

  • What is my compelling value proposition, and if I don’t know, how can I identify it?
  • Who wants what I’m selling, and what do I know about them that will drive them to buy?
  • What is the best potential of this business, and what resources do I have?
  • How can I capture my message and create effective marketing materials?
  • What’s my greatest vulnerability, and how can I protect myself?
  • What will I need in six and 12 months’ time?

Collect your reward of a free 20-minute chat to discuss the marketing services you need or get started right now with one of the following packages.

Be Wanted Package

You want to be wanted. Ideal for those who need some help to get a genuine, objective understanding of the market space, find their place in that market and identify a way to operate to the best effect.

Workshop Package

You want a plan. Big ideas need planning, so if you want to thrash out your plan’s details to move forward, a half-day tailored workshop with up to five other team members could be the answer.

What To Do Project Package

You want help. If you wish you could clone yourself to manage your marketing or give your team assistance, claim your Reward now and get the marketing expertise you’ve always wanted.

Get Contented

You want content that connects. Let Wanted deliver content that forges the connection you need to achieve your commercial goals, using the best in strategy, creative, production and distribution.

Be Wanted Package – $1,000 (+gst)

Feel like you need a sanity check? Are you wondering if you’re doing the right thing or doing things right? Perhaps you’re having difficulty getting your vision delivered by designers or developers? Do you find yourself doubting the validity of your enterprise and wondering if you should continue?

You’re not alone. It takes a lot of focus, energy, and know-how to bring a product to market. Along the way, there are so many questions raised and decisions made that the process can leave SMEs confused and disoriented in terms of marketing direction.

Often this confusion is the result of overwhelm and being too close to the product. Wanted can provide clarity, direction, and solutions that address not just the marketing but operational issues also. With decades of entrepreneurial business experience and international marketing wisdom, Wanted can provide the guidance and expertise your business needs to generate, meet and serve passionate demand.

Call Wanted to talk to someone with the qualifications and real experience that can give you the clarity and answers you need? Book your free 20-minute consultation here.

When you want to be wanted for all the right reasons, I recommend you start with this package. It works like this:

  • You complete the online background information form provided when you purchase the package
  • I review the information and do a preliminary exploration and evaluation of your product, target market, and current marketing activities.
  • We schedule a one hour telephone or online call to:
    • have a discussion about your particular concerns (although these are outlined in the background you provide, sometimes we want to elaborate)
    • share my insights and give feedback in regard to your concerns
    • discuss the findings of my research and observations on your product and marketplace
  • Recommendations for any processes, tools or resources that might be useful to you.

If you would like to know more about how to be wanted, let’s talk. Book a call now.

Workshop Package – $5,000 (+gst)

If you want more time and help to thrash out the details of your plan, especially if you’re going to involve up to five other team members, a half-day tailored workshop could be the answer.

Understanding your market gives you the ‘why’ for everything you do and therefore underpins your strategy. Your strategy determines your tactics ie. what you say or do, to whom, when, where and how. Get any one of those components wrong, and you could find yourself out of pocket or worse, out of business.

Strategy is ‘top down‘ thinking, the vision of a result paired with an informed, calculated method of achieving the result. Generating endless content for social media without a strategic plan is tactical ‘bottom up’ thinking. It’s literally putting the social media cart before the strategy horse.

This workshop identifies what to do in a world awash with marketing alternatives, exploring more of the fundamentals behind strategic marketing principles and tactical options as they relate to your particular situation. Conducted in-person observing quarantine protocols at your office or an agreed venue, the workshop allows everyone to work to a unified vision in a guided collaborative setting.

Before the workshop begins, we identify what you’re specifically seeking help with and what you want the workshop to cover. The workshop is tailored in advance to address those issues, based on the information you supply and my preliminary research findings.

Issues typically covered in a half-day workshop vary but they often include some variety of the following:

  • investigation of current business position and pre-workshop preparation
  • exploring and deciding on your compelling value proposition
  • SWOT analysis
  • identifying a unified vision and the preferred positioning
  • investigating questions around branding eg. values, visual design, suitable social media platforms, talent or causes to align with etc.
  • validating strategic growth opportunities, which products to keep, lose or add
  • investigating questions around product development, packaging, pricing, distribution
  • investigating market segmentation, market development, or diversification opportunities
  • evaluating tactical alternatives and media solutions
  • brainstorming creative campaign ideas

If you would like to know more about the half-day workshop, let’s talk. Book a call now.

What To Do Project Package – Price On Application

Whether you’re at launch, established and disrupting, or adapting, the efficacy of your tactics will be the difference between success or failure. With over 8,000 martech solutions available, including the ability to potentially create your own app to serve your customers better, you’re going to need some help deciphering what to do.

Research drives your strategy, and strategy drives your tactics, but who will bring those tactics to life? The answer to that question determines whether you achieve market penetration, adaptation, or extinction!

You might not need the services of a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) full time, but it’s very likely you need the wisdom and expertise of a CMO at crucial planning stages for leadership on projects or to create and produce tactical initiatives.

Whether you’re looking for investment, audience, or customers, you need marketing expertise that’s multi-disciplinary and ready to deliver results because data is just numbers without accurate commercial interpretation, and content with no relevance or value to the target is just noise.

Wanted Gives Clarity & Finds The Path Forward

There is a lot of hyperbole out there compelling businesses to create and publish content for digital publication and distribution. Driving this content are companies that need your business to buy into a digital campaign, not the least of which are Google, Facebook, and their offspring YouTube and Instagram, respectively.

The digital medium and technology might be strong elements of your strategy, but digital is a medium, not a strategy in itself. Before you plunge into an all-consuming digital campaign, be aware social platforms are overflowing with content, and consumers’ feeds are flooded! Therefore, it’s very likely your best approach will be to use technology and socials in a completely different way than the usual paid social media and search initiatives.

When you want to know what to do, contact Wanted Consulting. Wanted provides high-level strategic and operational business and marketing expertise, accomplished project management, and an expanded team of talented production associates.

If you wish you could clone yourself to manage your marketing needs or your team needs assistance, claim your Reward, book a call now and get the marketing expertise you’ve always wanted.

Get Contented

Whatever business you’re in, you’re also in the business of making content and you have 1/10,000th of a second to make a connection!

Yes, marketing is more competitive than the Olympics because the human brain processes information so fast, that’s all the time we have to cut through the noise, penetrate the consumer’s conscious mind, and motivate them enough to take action. (Read more on brain-power here)

Wanted specialises in producing commercial entertainment and marketing content because content is the ubiquitous name for marketing, and it’s not necessarily all online. Your audience needs will determine the message, but it’s their habitual behaviour that dictates the medium, and you want content that connects.

Discerning your value and communicating it to the best effect is a complex undertaking, relying on a vast range of skills to be strategically on point, creatively compelling, and professionally produced.

Wanted can help you:

  • Distill your message and create a full campaign to communicate it effectively on any medium
  • Provide art direction and production of content for any medium
  • Engage talented production resources to ensure quality production of the content

Let Wanted deliver content that forges the connection you need to achieve your commercial goals, using the best in strategy, creativity, production, and distribution.

If you want to know how to get great content that creates connection and results,  claim your Reward, book a call now and get the marketing expertise you’ve always wanted.

And if you just feel the need to be inspired you can view a full account of the journey from the ‘Grasshopper’ prototype to the Falcon 9 rocket here.

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