Australians Like To Watch

August 20, 2018
August 20, 2018 Kate Neale

Australians Like To Watch

Recent research by Parrot Analytics has confirmed what we instinctively already knew: Australians like to watch – other Australians.

As if we needed any further proof after the success of Crocodile Dundee, Strictly Ballroom, Muriel’s Wedding, Priscilla, The Castle and Red Dog, that audiences relate to our own sense of irreverent, self deprecating humour, which is culturally contextual, colloquial (flaming galah et all) and often rooted in the something as subtle as the inflection of an accent.

Of the 500 Australians interviewed for the study who generally enjoyed the familiarity local content provides, 17% mentioned a specific aspect of Australian culture they enjoyed – ‘Bogans’ were mentioned more than once.

The USA has a population of over 355 million people while Australia has just 25 million, but the  IPSOS UK TV Exports 2016/17 found Australia rated second behind the US as the UK’s largest TV export market. Australians have been brought up on a diet of US and UK made screen content for decades and as our content claws it’s way out of obscurity, it’s garnering more acceptance and appeal.

The Parrot survey uncovered a few markers of appreciation for home grown content such as the familiarity of local acting talent and locations, distinctly different production style (no canned laughter) and values – the light in Australia throws a distinct characteristic of our productions. That said, few of the top 10 shows are filmed outside a studio for the most part.

Based on the successful UK Format, Love Island Australia ranked first in the top 10 titles in Australia and while we can all recognise the international visual appeal of the show for its target.  The show’s cross-platform audience nationally for the first series averaged 511,000 across television and digital, but we can’t really gauge its appeal to an international audience.

To meet licensing requirements Channel 9 places Geo-restrictions on its TV shows, which stops anyone outside of Australia from tuning in – unless you get a VPN… But it would be great to know how many people did access the Australian version because the original UK version attracts audiences numbers in the millions. Head to head, I’m wondering which an international audience would favour.

Australians here and abroad, don’t just have a taste for content that reflects their own culture and surrounds, they have a hunger for it. 90% of Australian podcast consumption is local content and 58% of survey respondents feel local content on streaming services is important*.

There has never been a better time for Australian screen content creators and Australian advertisers to take advantage of the streaming video phenomenon and the potential ecosystem of creative talent we have in this country.

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*Deloitte Media Consumer Survey 2018

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