Augment Your Media Schedule With People

March 1, 2018
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March 1, 2018 Kate Neale

Augment Your Media Schedule With People

Your customers are not dummies.

Augment Your Media Schedule With People Who Are Present

Your customers are not inanimate, they have thoughts and feelings which gives those trying to affect their behaviour an opportunity to not just talk to them, but to touch and move them.

An ad for bread or coffee can convey a lot of information and inspire desire, but the exchange that occurs between a customer and the baker or barista as the sale transaction occurs builds a far deeper connection for the customer. Exploring opportunities that provide for and foster that kind of real life interaction, such as events, pop ups and samplings, can significantly bolster the results of your media strategy.

Media has always been a fantastic way to gain reach and frequency, but it’s yet to top genuine physical human interaction. If the overwhelming trend is for your target customer to be at a screen, give them a reason to look up, go out and interact with your brand or business.

Want to attract and engage teenagers? Give them somewhere to go, something to do or someone to meet. Heck, give them something to eat! Want to sell insurance? Host a virtual cafe for prospects to discuss their queries. Want to sell a car? Introduce qualified prospects by invitation to a virtual experience. The point is the digital medium is a highly efficient promotion and information gathering tool. It’s also the perfect vehicle to deliver invitations, discussion, anticipation and personal interaction with humans who are present with the customer.

AI is increasingly replacing arduous human processing with efficiencies that can determine needs and respond to them proactively. This can deliver significant cost and time savings which might be redirected to other initiatives that foster an enhanced human experience and interaction with your business or brand.

Arcadia Group loves to use technology to improve customer experience with their seven brands — Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge, Evans, Burton, Dorothy Perkins and Wallis. They engaged Peerius, Europe’s market leader in omni-channel personalisation solutions, to create a more personal online customer experience with AI that delivered intelligent product recommendations. Buying online was such a positive experience, the result was a 67% increase in order value

When they realised the customer sometimes could access more information online than staff, they teamed with Red Ant to enhance the instore customer experience, with a dedicated assisted sales application. Developed to improve in-store sales, efficiencies and customer service, the software connects online with offline to bring all the benefits of the website to the physical world instore with staff and tactile product experience. 

Remember interaction on a personal level can deliver the type of information on the target customer that is difficult to process purely from bulk online feedback, but it can give both consumer and supplier the most authentic experience and feedback.

So you can use the digital medium for ‘click and forget’ campaigns or you can use it to be way more interactive. If you’d like to discover how you can get more involved and enhance the experience with your target customers, contact me today.

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